Find Gourmet Cooking Classes in Lafayette, LA

Learn from local chefs at The Kitchenary

If you're tired of recycling the same recipes week after week, try a local cooking class. The Kitchenary offers gourmet cooking classes in Lafayette, LA. A few times a month, you can expand your cooking knowledge with a local chef.

The chefs will prepare a different menu for every class, so you'll always learn something new. We only take up to 25 people per class, so register today to reserve a seat.

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**Sign up for classes will be closed 48 hours prior to the event.**

Train with local talent

We bring in different chefs to teach every session. You'll be learning from local chefs whose meals you can enjoy right here in Lafayette, LA. We feature chefs from:

  • Ruffino's on the River
  • Saint Street Inn
  • Charley G's
  • CafĂ© Josephine

The prices varies depending on the class. In two hours, you'll learn how to make three to four courses. Reach out to us right away to register for our local cooking classes in Lafayette, LA.

*Cancel policy: You must cancel your attendance 72 hours before the class for a refund.*

January 23 | Chef Mallory from Marcello's

$75.00 per person

Mallory is 33 and was born in New Orleans, La. She moved to Lafayette a month before Hurricane Katrina. After reading Anthony Bourdain's, Kitchen Confidential, she decided that that was the life for her. She started off washing dishes at Charley G's under Chef Holly, and worked her way up the stations. After Gene opened Marcello's she began working there for a few years before moving to Houston and then Austin for a couple of years. Years later she returned back down here (she can't stay away). She's been the chef at Marcello's again for 3 years now!

1st course: Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs
2nd course: Fennel, Apple, and Walnut Salad
3rd Course: Chicken Cacciatore
4th Course: Creamsicle Granita

February 6 | Vegan Cheese Class with Chef Lance

$50.00 per person

Learn how to make vegan cheese and how to entertain with a vegan friendly charcuterie board. This class will be paired with vegan wine!

March 12 | Chef Rubin Sandburg from Tula Tacos + Amigos

$75.00 per person

March 26th - Sushi Class

$50.00 per person

April 21 | Chef David Abshire

$75.00 per person

April 28 | Chef Quentin Scranton

$75.00 per person

June 17 | Hammerstahl Knife Class

$75.00 per person